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We provide the images and labels pictured below



NOTE 1: These are the basic design concepts required for our additions. All designs will have this basic framework. All changes to this design (to suit additions like hooks, drawers, etc.) will be specified in such designs. Otherwise, this is the default basic design to accommodate our images.

NOTE 2: The dotted frames represent the area on which we will place our own additions. Some will be specified as horizontal, some vertical.

NOTE 3: On the back we require a convenient and practical way to append to a wall. Nails or screws will be placed in the wall, and the rear of the block should therefore have clasps that will enable us to place the block on the nails without any trouble and it must be stable and not shaky. There must be at least 2 clasps on the back so as to balance the block - & they should be equidistant from the sides. 1 centered one does not suffice because the balance of the block will be thrown off when used for the purposes we have designed.

NOTE 4: We would like to see a wide array of alternatives using this basic building block. Beveled edges; framed edges; squared edges (not sharp); and more. Also, we would like to see the different wood types and wood finishes available to us through you. A dark finish is what we believe will complement our images the most; however, we would like to see alternatives in the event a different type of wood or wood finish is more appropriate for a different image we have over 100 different images to work with. (The examples shown above are not to be imitated that is excessively rustic for the US consumer).

NOTE 5: Furthermore, a RUSTIC/ANTIQUE appeal is sought. So, if you have any rustic, antique, or used appearance in your woods or your wood finishes, please show us that alternative also. There is a light green and an off-white coat that is popular on wooden home accessories these days we will show sample images of these colors if you are able to create the same or similar effect, we wish to see.

NOTE 6: All metal additions are to be of one of the following: 1) wrought iron; 2) cast iron; or 3) any metal that has a dark finish that creates the appearance of wrought iron. We are looking to be as cost-effective as possible, so it is likely that #1 will be too expensive, however, that is the look we are going for in all metal that is to be used in constructing our designs.

We welcome all creative additions or design changes as long as they allow for this basic format.






EXAMPLES: Please see photo at top.