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NOTE 1: This design is only a slight variation from the Basic design concept (see attachment 1). Most importantly, note the "1 and 1/4 inch" extension of the basic design on the bottom of both the vertical and the horizontal blocks.

NOTE 2: There should be a narrow, 1/4" incision between the main basic frame and the 1" wooden addition. This is for visual effect only. It visually divides the main frame from the key holder frame. The pieces are not separate.

NOTE 3: Please use four small hooks, equidistant from the two borders and from each other. The hooks should be in rustic metal with a dark finish to most closely resemble wrought iron.

NOTE 4: As noted in attachment 1, please add a convenient wall attachment to the back of the main frame. The attachment should be well fixed to stabilize when weight from keys is not evenly distributed on the hooks (if two sets of keys are hanging on the two right keyhooks, the frame should not lean).

NOTE 5: Again, as noted in attachment 1, variety and alternatives are requested.



EXAMPLES: These are to use as reference only.