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NOTE 1: This design represents the metal attachment (to be placed on both the vertical and the horizontal blocks depicted in attachment1) to function as a paper towel dispenser.

NOTE 2: The 1/4" diameter circular cylinder metal bar is, as all other metal additions we rquire, to most closely resemble wrought iron wrought iron is welcome if we find it to be cost-effective; however, if there is a less costly alternative that produces a similar aesthetic appearance, we prefer that.

NOTE 3: This metal attachment is to be attached to the back of our basic frame (see attachment 1) by at least 2 screws per piece to ensure its ability to support the paper towels and the tension that is exerted in the process of tearing off individual sheets of paper towel. Perhaps here is a good place for you to help us with design considerations.

NOTE 4: The 3" diagonal section of the bar depicted in the image are to protrude at a 90 degree angle from both the surface of the basic frame and from the 2 1/4" diagonal bars depicted above. They are to come straight out, to be level with the ground, as they are intended to support a bar that will be placed across them - which is where the paper towel roll will be held. The hooks at the end of this section are intended to hold the 1/4" diameter circular cylinder bar just mentioned (that will hold the paper towel roll) as such, the 3" sections mentioned must be parallel to one-another and must be 12" apart from one-another. In order to create this 12" separation, there must be 1/4" space between the edge of basic frame block and the outer edge of the metallic addition section which is screwed on to the back of the basic frame block.

NOTE 5: Because we are looking to have the same utility with our vertical blocks, there must be one alteration made to the design to accommodate the vertical blocks: add 3/4" to the 2 1/4" horizontal bar so that it becomes a 3" horizontal bar this will add a total of 1 1/2" to the total width, thus compensating for the 1 1/2" difference in width between the vertical and horizontal blocks depicted in attachment 1.

NOTE 6: Because we may wish to have the paper towel dispenser attachment prodrude from the bottom (in some) and the top (in others) of the basic frame block, we further ask that you have the hook facing upward in one design and downward in another.

NOTE 7: The hooks at the end of the design should be a natural extension of the design also 1/4" diameter circular cylinder. Otherwise, they should be able to support the placement of a straight bar (see below) of the same specs - across them. Otherwise, we must leave this design detail to your expertise.

NOTE 8: I hope this is not too complex. Our intention is to have 4 alternatives within this design. 2 for the vertical and 2 for the horizontal blocks. 2 coming out of the top and 2 the bottom. Please let us know if we may clarify this any more. If you can accomplish the same desired utility by slightly altered means, please show us how.





EXAMPLES: This is for reference only