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K&D Bali Designs

Potential Client for K&D Bali Designs:


Here is his note to us:

Attached you will find our designs. As I have mentioned, we are not
professional designers, so you may have trouble with some of them. If that
is the case, please inform me and we will attempt to clarify as best we can.
Also, you will note that we are seeking a wide variety of alternatives.
We wish to weigh different options before deciding on a final version for
sale in the US.

I hope that you find everything you need in my attachments - we may have to
send 2-3 e-mails because of the size of the files.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Please provide us with quotes,
questions, etc. . . in your reply.

Thank you,
Angus Q. Long
Angus & Taillefer's Art & Import, LLC
474 Sundial Dr.
Pawleys Island, SC 29585
phone: (843) 237-9514


Here are the attachments he sent. Click on the links below to see each design:










Here is what we need to decide pretty soon, based on the information he has sent us:

  1. Can we find someone in Bali to make this, given their designs they specify?
  2. How much will each item cost?
  3. How soon can we find this information out?