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Kubu Tambahan

Here, Pura Maduwe Karang, "Temple of the Owner of the Land", honors Mother Earth and the sun which give prosperity to the crops of dry agriculture.

Assubak temples venerate the creative urge in nature that insures harvests on irrigated rice fields, this temple holds ceremonies to guarantee a "blessing" for plants grown on unirrigated land: fruits, coconut, maize and coffee. On its festival day farmers from surrounding villages come to ask for remnants of the offerings which are buried in the fields, a symbolic ritual to transmit the divine benevolence to the soil. Formerly, Kubutambahan was the center of a federation of villages, which helps explain the widespread importance of Pura Maduwe Karang. The temple carvings are startling-ghouls, domestics. lovers and noblemen, even an official riding a flowery bicycle.


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